You’ve heard of E-Commerce, You’ve heard of Social Media, but have you heard of Social Commerce?

You’ve heard of E-Commerce, You’ve heard of Social Media, but have you heard of Social Commerce?

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Social Media | 0 comments

Social Commerce is the new buzz word and is based on the simple concept of promoting and selling your products through a social media platform. Social media is a powerful sales platform because it takes advantage of social media tools such as likes, shares, retweets, DM’s, and more. The practice of Social Commerce has been around for several years and it’s getting more popular. In this article, we’ll look at 15 Social Commerce trends to be aware of in 2021.

Here are a few simple ideas to give you some inspiration:

1 – Create a Facebook Shop
Creating a Facebook shop is free. And, since most buyers are on social media, it makes sense to build a shop on those platforms. As more users purchase online, e-commerce shops may have trouble dealing with the increased traffic. Social media not only has the potential buyers in place, but they also have the required infrastructure to sell to them. It doesn’t require a team of designers and programmers to get a shop set up. This will also encourage many people to open a shop who are interested in building an online store but are not interested in starting a website.

2 – Lower Your Prices
Although customers tend to buy more on social media, they spend less. One reason for this is social media isn’t where customers go to make a purchase. Instead, they purchase on social media out of convenience or impulse. Lower prices help entice them into making a purchase they didn’t plan to make.

3 – Lower budget videos
Rather than spending money creating perfect videos and ads,  companies have started to produce content that looks the same quality that an amateur would have made.
Creating lower-budget content is cheaper, of course, but the main advantage is that it is real content created by real people. It looks authentic, relatable, and gives a human touch to your brand.

4 – Live Stream
One of my favorite Social Commerce trends is the use of live streaming. Companies have added live streaming to show new products, step-by-step tutorials, product demonstrations, and roundtable chats to discuss a topic with others in the industry. As more people are working from home and acquiring cameras and microphones for online meetings, live streaming will become even more popular. It doesn’t have to look like a big-budget production. Low-budget video can still look great and it works well. Live streaming allows the audience to get to know the people in the company and allows the company to answer questions live. It’s a more authentic and interactive experience. The video can be accessed at any time, the discussion can continue in the comments, and the video can be shared.

5. User-Generated Content
Users often create reviews of products. Whether the review is written, video, posted on a separate platform, etc., companies can use that content to their benefit by sharing it with their audience. User-generated content builds trust, credibility, and authority for the brand because it’s not created by anyone involved with the company. This encourages others to create content that can be shared, improves relationships between the companies and their customers, and it saves the company money.

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