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helping businesses succeed online

Not sure where to start?


You are either here because you want to start your digital journey, or you are already on the path and you've got lost and need some help.

Either way, we are here to hold your hand, virtually, at the moment, but we love helping local businesses to make a success of their online presence.

Web design

Keeping it simple, we create fully responsive WordPress websites that are cost effective, and work for you.


We specialise in using WooCommerce to create online shops  for our customers.

Web Hosting

From shared hosting to VPSs, we use the latest technologies to keep your site stable and speedy.


24/7 monitoring, patch management, updates, and everything you need to keep your site running.


36 security features built into our toolkit to keep hackers out and customers safe.


From Landing Pages to Organic SEO we have a plan to help boost your online presence.


We offer bespoke development works and integration into 3rd party applications and data feeds


Help with developing and creating a strategy, we can train your staff or run the campaign for you.


Most important, whichever service you use us for, we need to have a strategy in place to measure success against.

our vision

Strategy is at the Heart of What We Do

It's simple, you need a strategy to decide on how you can measure success of any investment you make in your online presence.

We're good at getting under the skin of a business, finding out your niche, what makes you different, and identify the team to help you achieve the results you need.

Security, robust hosting, regular maintenance, and ongoing development all ensure that you are in the best position to suceed. 



It's only fair that you get to know us too! Click through and find out a bit about the team, and our associates.

Steve Gayler

Position: Digital Guru, Part-time Actor & Music lover
Phone: 07917 387654
Email: steve@oi-digital.co.uk

Somewhat of an 80’s music fan and has a vinyl addiction and a particular interest in a group called Eurythmics?? A lover of cheese and most things Brazilian. Enjoys being told he’s clever and rarely sleeps with his eyes closed. Just don't ask him anything about sport.

Steve has an ability to get underneath the skin of a business and really understand what’s required to make their digital world as pain-free and cost-effective as possible, he does some OK stuff on the web 😉 Some say if you cut Steve open that Facebook is so far embedded into him that he bleeds blue?

Steve Gayler

Digital Guru, Part-time Actor & Music lover

Somewhat of an 80’s music fan and has a vinyl...

David Samways

Position: Director and puppy powered, CrossFit Nut!
Email: david@oi-digital.co.uk

David has been known to frequent the CrossFit Chaos Theory a bewildering 8 times in a single week. Co-owner of THE most handsome Beagle Puppy and beautiful Blue Staffy in the world. Jack Daniels is the only other liquid allowed to pass his lips apart from water & coffee. David has a low centre of Gravity (he’s short) although ironically is referred to by his peers as a ‘big deal’.

David has been involved in the Office Technology arena most of his working life and wanted to called his first born ‘Lexmark’, this was met with some resistance from his wife.

David Samways

Director and puppy powered, CrossFit Nut!

David has been known to frequent the CrossFit Chaos Theory...

Joe Purnell

Position: Digital Services, Chief Apprentice, Future President
Phone: 01296 340066
Email: joi@oi-digital.co.uk

The newest member of our team and without question the youngest. Joe can’t communicate with the vast majority of human beings as his native language is binary code.

He may look like an extra from TOWIE but don’t let that fool you, he really is a gifted individual who understands code like quite frankly no human should. Because of this bundled with his creative flair Joe has very quickly become a real asset to the team (obviously we’d never tell him that 🙄).

Joe Purnell

Digital Services, Chief Apprentice, Future President

The newest member of our team and without question the...

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Wingbury Farm Glamping in Wingrave

Wingbury Farm Glamping in Wingrave

Will Henderson asked us to look at developing a WordPress Website for his new Glamping business at Wingbury Courtyard in Wingrave, Bucks (also our home since 2012 too).

This was a great project to work on and with Will’s assistance we managed to quickly create a great showcase for everything Wingbury Glamping has to offer to prospective glampers!

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Cottesloe Physio website

Cottesloe Physio website

Set in the heart of rural Buckinghamshire with beautiful views over the farm a visit to the studio will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Why not come a bit early for your appointment and enjoy a tea or coffee and allow yourself a moment to breath.

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